ASDA, part of the Wal*Mart family, is one of the leading UK grocery retailers and holds a leading position in the UK clothing market with its George clothing brand. With over 350 stores and over 160,000 colleagues, Asda is a vital part of many communities in the UK.



In March 2016, Asda launched a fully-integrated campaign to promote its Easter products in stores and online. Without a loyalty card, Asda needed to find new and innovative ways to personalize their direct campaigns and drive local store marketing.  


The goal of the campaign was to increase engagement, re-engage lapsed customers, generate revenue and deliver relevant store messaging for over 300 stores that were each running different activities.

Asda capitalized on their advertising investment by centering the campaign around their TV ad star – a giant chocolate hen.

The giant hen went on the road and created a social media storm, #gianthen, as people sited and posted about her visit to their town.

Campaign Features

Selligent’s contextual content capability enabled Asda to to deliver location based hyper-personalized messages in the weeks leading up to the hen’s arrival. 

Recipients were the first to hear about the giant hen’s arrival in their community, Easter product samplings at their nearest store, opportunities to have a photo taken with the #gianthen and of course – a fantastic range of chocolate Easter eggs.

With Selligent’s live content features, Asda personalized with real time weather related content giving customers shopping and entertainment ideas to make the most of their celebrations, regardless of any rainy days.

The campaign had a mobile first approach, leveraging responsively designed emails, landing pages, as well as integrated SMS and in app push - to build anticipation and drive traffic through Easter.


Rather than just repurpose and push out existing assets, this campaign used innovative technology to deliver a dynamic unique experience for each customer.

And it picked up it’s own social steam as followers of the giant hen created their own content and extended the campaign’s reach even further. 


The campaign had a unique reach of over 6 million and generated record engagement stats for the brand. 

Alongside impressive revenue figures, the campaign garnered 4.2 million campaign views, with more than 40% coming from previously disengaged customers.

Case Passport

  • Industry: Retail
  • Products/Services: Grocery Retailer
  • Country: UK

Key Insights

  • Unique reach of over 6 million and generated record engagement stats for the brand
  • More than 40% coming from previously disengaged customers