ODEON is a leading European cinema operator across four major markets: Spain, UK, Italy and Germany; and three smaller markets: Austria, Portugal and Ireland. In Spain the group is called Cinesa and they have 45 cinemas and 528 screens. 



Cinesa has a successful loyalty program but too many of their program members were only enrolled in their traditional offline program.  They wanted to convert those members to the more profitable online channel - and they wanted to attract new members to grow the digital scheme even more.


Cinesa’s goal was to create a dynamic and engaging campaign to drive online conversion and referrals.

Cinesa kicked off the campaign with an email to offline loyalty program customers who lived outside Barcelona and Madrid. The chain offered a discount on up to 4 tickets if the member visited the site and logged in to become an online member.

To inspire members to help spread the word and invite their friends and family to join, Cinesa incentivized them by offering additional awards for referrals.

The more friends – the richer the reward earned – popcorn, a full bar menu, a weekend ticket.

Campaign Features

Cinesa leveraged Selligent’s Target features to deliver a personalized experience to members when they visited the site and throughout the login experience.

Selligent assigned a unique promo code to each member and it was passed along in the link when they shared it via email, Facebook, Twitter, or Whatsapp.  When the referred person clicked through to register the original member earned points towards the incentives.

Selligent managed the loyalty point calculations, which were personalized in all triggered messages urging them to continue to participate, giving them updates on their point status and telling them about their increased reward levels. 


Cinesa was able to use an omnichannel approach to engage their target audience with dynamic content for each customer depending on their profile and behavior. 

Thanks to the campaign Cinesa successfully converted a large portion of their offline members to the more cost effective and more marketable online channel.


Nearly 5,000 Cinesa loyalty customers accessed the site and logged in, while 10% of the loyalty customers encouraged at least 1 friend to sign up for a new account.

Cinesa achieved Open rates in excess of 30% and a click to open percentage of nearly 42%.

Case Passport

  • Industry: Entertainment
  • Products/Services: Cinemas
  • Country: Spain

Key Insights

  • 5,000  customers accessed the site 
  • 10% of the loyalty customers encouraged at least 1 friend to sign up
  • 42% click to open