City of Lyon

Lyon is the 3rd largest city in France with half a million inhabitants.  The City Hall handles over 2000 calls, and 10,000 online visitors daily across 27 municipal websites. 



French Administration has an ancient tradition of paperwork with forms and visits to administrative offices.  Lyon City Hall sought to do something highly disruptive – they wanted to eliminate the paper and improve the citizen relationship experience.  They intended to go digital.


The goal of the project was to increase efficiency for both the administration and Lyon’s citizens while significantly reducing costs by converting from offline to online.

Lyon knew that in order to be successful; they had to fully commit to the initiative, which is why they decided to launch the program in all channels right from the start.

One of the latest applications focuses on a specific program that required a lot of manual engagement year over year – school registration.

To serve 40,000 kids and their families across 200 schools they had to digitize and centralize all historic records, automate communications with school staff and families, ensure data security, and update all data in real-time.

Campaign Features

Selligent is the platform at the heart of the program.  All CRM data, forms, and triggered communications are designed responsively to deliver an optimal experience on any device.  

Families receive personalized instructions for secure login.  When click through to the portal, known information is pre-populated to simplify the experience.

Updated data is immediately available, inspiring automated triggers all along the process.  If the online communications aren’t delivered successfully or the recipients don’t respond then print components are automatically generated and sent through the post to ensure participation.

Facebook and Twitter were recently added as communication channels as well.


Lyon is the first major city in Europe to leverage marketing technology for public administration.

And Lyon is continuing to innovate by using Selligent to support more inbound and outbound communications and facilitate citizen service follow-up.

The success of the Citizen Relationship program is a paradigm shift for both user experience and municipal service that will have lasting impact into the future.  


Through this program Lyon has:

  • Increased known email addresses by 92% 
  • Inspired a 75% conversion rate to online resulting in significant financial savings and increased citizen satisfaction.

Case Passport

  • Industry: Government
  • Products/Services: Public Administration
  • Country: France

Key Insights

  • Increased known email addresses by 92%
  • 75% conversion rate 
  • Significant financial savings and increased citizen satisfaction