Etat Pur

Etat Pur is a revolutionary line of skin care delivering personalized products for each person.   The brand offers ethical products that deliver high value and quality results. 



In order to invest the majority of their resources in product development, the brand is distributed online only.  They focus on building customer relationships through digital channels to gain public support, and they have achieved a vast loyal following from word-of-mouth and viral selling. 


Etat Pur tasked their agency Fullsix to design a strategy that would capture the consumer’s attention - but more importantly establish long-term customer relationships and drive repeat purchases.

Etat Pur captures detailed information about each customer’s skin type and care regimen.  The goal was to combine that data with purchase history and to identify trends and drive replenishment orders.

Campaign Features

First the data was analyzed and a 4 dimensional profile was created that considered skin type, environment, lifestyle, and preferences.  After layering on transactional data and product affinity - the result was a predictive scoring model that applied to each person in their database.

Rationalizing the data in this way allowed Etat Pur to create automated lifecycle cadences around each buying stage with highly dynamic personalized content and relevant product recommendations unique for each customer. 

For example, after completing the skin diagnosis the prospective customer is served up product suggestions that will address her specific challenges and will aim to match her needs & preferences.

Post purchase she receives a questionnaire to tell Etat Pur about her experience using the product.  Based on her responses, Etag Pur offers vouchers and makes recommendations for others products of the Flagship Store.

Today Etat Pur has automated lifecycles serving up useful inspirational messages, recommendations and incentives at each click. They market differently to prospects, consumers with low potential, or without potential and consumers with medium & high potential.  They also send special communications to re-engage inactive people.


Etat Pur launched onto the skin care scene with a vision of personalized products. 

With Fullsix’s help and Selligent’s powerful platform they have been able to deliver that same personalized approach to their customer marketing initiatives, and inspire a great deal of reactivity.


 Today they achieve open rates as high as 45% and their revenue increased 5% within just 1 month of the program’s launch.

Case Passport

  • Industry: Retail
  • Products/Services: Cosmetics
  • Country: France
  • Agency: Fullsix

Key Insights

  • Open rates as high as 45%
  • Revenue increased 5% within 1 month of the program’s launch