ING is a global financial institution headquartered in Amsterdam.  ING supplies banking, investment, life insurance and retirement services to 47 million customers in more than 40 countries.



ING has been a proud sponsor of the Red Devils - Belgium’s national football team, since 2010.  The Red Devils are so popular and there is so much content being created about them that ING decided the way to stand out was to be first.  One full year before the 2016 European Cup championship in France – ING began their campaign.


In 2015 ING, in partnership with Selligent, developed a football content platform with articles, contests and stats about the Red Devils and ING’s support of the team.

The challenge for ING was to deliver a compelling brand experience and engage prospects and customers by creating as much awareness as possible that ING was a proud sponsor of the Red Devils.

The message – ING empowers people to think forward and to be ready in life and in business... so think forward and get Ready for France 2016.  

Campaign Features

First, to build awareness… ING created a site where fans entered predictions about the Red Devils games.  ING helped them, as any bank should, by providing useful numbers to demonstrate their value in sports … as in banking.

To further engage – ING opened a call center and Red Devil team members dialed fans directly to talk about their predictions.  They brought the predictions to life by displaying them on venues large and small around the country.  And they gave out prizes for the best predictions.

As the Red Devils got Ready for France, ING wanted to help fans get ready too, so they once again had the team members produce 20,000 Parisian street signs… in Red of course instead of the traditional blue.  Signs were distributed by ING to fans on their way to France and in Belgium and encouraged posting of pictures with the signs to show how they were #Ready4France. 


This created a social media splash on Twitter and Facebook.  And naturally, ING’s sports content platform was the center of it all as the place where all the information was hosted.

The campaign was omnipresent at all matches, even the Red Devils showed their Red street signs after beating Andorra and Israel.

Once again creating a social media storm.


ING created amazing engagement rates on social media with this campaign. On Twitter alone,  ING obtained an engagement rate of over 400% - more than 20 times the average - creating a total number of impressions of almost 2,7 millions.

The limited budget and the high engagement rate dramatically reduced the cost per contact and drove an impressive ROI. 

Even more impressive – Twitter now uses the campaign as one of their benchmark cases.

Fans appreciated ING’s role as a sponsor and the campaign was a business success as well. People who saw the campaign were 2.5 times more likely to open a new account.

Case Passport

  • Industry: Finance
  • Products/Services: Banking
  • Country: Belgium

Key Insights

  • Twitter engagement rate of over 400%, more than 20 times the average
  • 2,7 millions impressions
  • Reduced cost per contact and  impressive ROI
  • Twitter uses the campaign as a benchmark case