Massaboutique is an Italian retailer with a core goal to help customers find entire outfits that match their personal styles via its online, temporary and permanent stores.



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Massaboutique is an Italian retailer with both luxury and outlet lines. It has different types of stores: permanent, temporary and e-commerce.

The company’s core goal is to help customers find entire outfits that match their personal styles.


Massaboutique was challenged to drive Black Friday sales with a campaign lasting six days. 

A goal of the campaign was to gain a deeper understanding of the customer’s likes, dislikes, size and style to be able to offer the right outfit recommendations by collecting behavioral data and asking for preferences.

Massaboutique sought to enrich each customer’s profile through this campaign to be able to leverage it fully leading up to Christmas sales and optimize revenue through automated retargeting.

Campaign Features

The campaign began with creating 10 new segments based on criteria such as outlet vs. luxury shopping preference, gender and geography. Each segment was exposed to unique content and offers via high-end creative to increase relevance.

Unique journeys were created to automate and manage the delivery of content across email, SMS and the website—making the experience and offers consistent.

Behaviors were captured and leveraged to enhance profiles and understand customer desire.  

Retargeting was done via follow-up emails for delays or order issues, SMS and Facebook ads to email non-openers and inactives. 


Segmenting the campaign and increasing message relevance proved to be an effective way for Massaboutique to achieve its campaign goals.  

And the strategy paid off, as Massaboutique achieved its campaign goals. 


The campaign helped increase profile knowledge on customers by 10% in the way of customer size, favorite brands, number of family members and their sizes. It also helped increase the number of orders by 105%.

Alongside impressive profiling growth within the its database Massaboutqiue was able to create new segments to use ongoing for those with high purchasing power. 

Case Passport

  • Industry: Retail
  • Services: Luxury Boutique
  • Country: Italy
  • Agency: N/A

Key Insights

  • Profile knowledge increased by 10%
  • Number of orders increased by 105%
  • Impressive profiling growth
  • Creation of new segments for those with high purchasing power