Mediahuis is a Belgian newspaper publishing and broadcast media company that publishes some of today’s most respected newspapers in Belgium while keeping its eyes on potential readers of the future.



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Mediahuis is a Belgian publishing and broadcast media company. 

One of their most recognized properties is De Standaard.


De Standaard identified a direct correlation between news consumption of young readers, aged 18 – 25, and their likelihood to buy subscriptions as they grew older. 

They created an interactive viral campaign specifically intended to raise brand awareness among the younger audience.

Campaign Features

The program began with a serialized online quiz.  Every day for 5 days there were daily rounds that asked questions about the value of journalism and all that De Standaard offered.   

The quiz was created from a mobile-first mindset to delight the primary user group.  Automated triggers, real time countdown clocks and leader boards inspired contestants to keep coming back.  

Best scoring participants were invited to compete in live quiz game nights hosted in each of 6 cities by TV celebrity Bart Cannaerts.  

The top contenders from those game nights were then invited to create teams and build “crowds” of friends to help during the live broadcasts.  Invitations were sent through the platform so the referred contacts all became prospects for De Standard to market to in future.    

23 teams competed as finalists in the live finale with a chance to win a free trip to Cuba or 3,000 Euro.


The program involved a complex use of Selligent forms combined with journey map automation across multiple channels.  And Selligent powered website retargeting to attract and inspired contestants.

Social media campaigns, Facebook pages and online advertisements also contributed to the success.


Nearly 13,000 people took the online quizzes and over 3500 people competed in the live shows with 7,000 serving as “crowds.”  

During the campaign, nearly 40,000 individual quiz site visits took place and over 36,000 sessions were inspired by online and social media ads.

Case Passport

  • Industry: Publishing
  • Services: Print and Digital publications
  • Country: Belgium
  • Agency: N/A

Key Insights

  • 13.000 people took the online quizzes
  • Over 3.500 people competed on the live shows with 7.000 serving as "crowds"
  • 40.000 individual quiz site visits
  • Over 36.000 sessions were inspired by online and social media ads