NS International

NS International, a transportation company based in the Netherlands, focuses on helping its customer travel across Europe efficiently and comfortably through its customer-centric approach.



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Last year, NS International identified serious gaps in its outdated data warehouse structure. Data from traditional touch points such as ticket booking via phone and at train stations was unavailable online. Meanwhile, available data could take up to 3 days to populate in NSI’s CRM system.

As a result, customer profiles were in serious need of enrichment with timely data.

In response, NS International began using Selligent as its main data hub, drawing data from 8 different sources.

Campaign Features

Putting Selligent at the centre of its data hub allowed NS International to collect behavior data into rich profiles – creating a clear snapshot of a customer’s stage in the lifecycle.

By facilitating real-time data exchanges between CRM and 3rd-party solutions,  Selligent helped overcome lag and silos in the company’s data warehouse.

Selligent also now serves as the rule engine to activate real time triggers based on customer behavior.

In cooperation with agency partner Oxyma, NS International created targeted email campaigns and dynamic website content to match the customer’s stage in the lifecycle.

Leveraging the power of Selligent, NS International populates data from new, anonymous customers into rich profiles once they reveal personal information. For existing customers, the focus lies with progressive profiling through initiatives such as birthday campaigns and their top travel destinations.   

These rich customer profiles form the basis for personalized experiences, for instance with dynamic homepage content on travelers’ favorite cities or retargeting after ticket booking to keep customers engaged.


Using the Selligent platform to structurally connect and leverage data from 8 sources brought NS International’s data warehouse architecture full-circle.

By eliminating gaps and making data available to marketing and customer service teams, the company grew its database of identified customers, enriched profiles and served personalized experiences based on behavior.   


The campaign helped NS International identify 50% of all CRM customers – a 492% increase over the past 1.5 years.  

Thanks to more targeted campaigns, key performance indicators such as Confirmed Open Rates and Click Through Rates shot up an impressive 65%. As a direct boost to NS International’s bottom line, targeted campaigns increased conversions by 13% with a 6% higher booking value among targeted customers – a smashing success. 

Case Passport

  • Industry:Transportation
  • Services:High-speed train travel
  • Country:The Netherlands
  • Agency: Oxyma

Key Insights

  • Identified 50% of CRM customers
  • Up 492% increase in 18 months
  • Open and click-through rates went up 65%
  • Targeted conversions went up 13% with a 6% higher booking value