Rastreator, based in Spain, is one of Europe's leading comparison shopping sites for insurance, travel, telecom, autos and much more.



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Headquartered in Spain; Rastreator is one of Europe's online comparison sites for insurance, travel, telecom, autos and much more. 

Last year, Rastreator launched a new pet insurance product and announced it with an omnichannel campaign. 


The goal of the campaign was to drive new customer acquisition but also to increase value from existing customers because in many cases users only shopped Rastreator once to compare options and buy one product, but did not return to purchase again. 

Rastreator capitalized on their marketing investment by centering the campaign around their brand mascot, a beloved Basset Hound.

Aligning the campaign launch with the premier of the “Secret Life of Pets” movie, the brand was able to appeal to pet lovers in a unique way through television ads, in-person events, emails and social media. 

Campaign Features

The omnichannel campaign began with television ads that promoted a stuffed animal giveaway at select theaters for the Secret Life of Pets premier. This not only drove traffic to the theaters, but also to the brand’s website. 

Attendees of the movie premier events received their promised stuffed animal and could possibly meet Ratreator’s living mascot in exchange for providing information that the brand could use for follow-up communications.

Leveraging the power of Selligent, Rastreator was able to manage follow-up communications from the in-person event, as well as those that indicated interest on the website for pet insurance, in a personal way.

The campaign featured emails and YouTube videos about pet insurance, as well as other topics, such as tips on traveling with pets and the type of insurance needed for travel.  The brand also promoted pet adoption by giving away a year of pet insurance when proof of pet adoption was provided. 


Rather than simply notify existing customers in its database about the new pet insurance product offering, Rastreator leveraged innovative and out-of-the-box thinking to engage existing customers, and acquire a lot of new customers. 

And the strategy paid off, as Rastreator grew its database, increased website and social media engagement and drove conversions. 


 The campaign helped grow Rastreator’s database by 10%--a massive amount of growth from a single campaign.  

Alongside impressive database growth figures, the campaign garnered 30% increase in pet insurance comparisons and 10% increase in overall comparisons making this a smashing success. 

Case Passport

  • Industry: Insurance
  • Services: Comparison shopping
  • Country: Spain
  • Agency: N/A

Key Insights

  • Database grew over 10%
  • 30% increase in pet insurance comparisons
  • 10% increase in overall comparisons