Sanoma Vtwonen

vtwonen, a Sanoma brand, is the most popular home and deco magazine in the Netherlands and is a one-stop resource for style ideas with its own products and e-commerce platform.



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Published by Sanoma Media, vtwonen is the most popular home and deco magazine in The Netherlands. 

vtwonen is a one-stop resource for style ideas with its own products and e-commerce platform.


vtwonen’s publishers, Sanoma Media, wanted to create a data-driven campaign to spike engagement with its target audience, while also creating brand awareness and revenue for its web shop. 

To drive engagement, vtwonen created a contest where customers were encouraged to add products to a shopping cart within a specific window of time. 

The goal of the campaign was to create brand awareness, build customer profiles, drive web shop activity and synchronize messaging across TV, radio, print, online display, pre-rolls, PR, social media and email. 

Campaign Features

The omnichannel campaign began with the contest, a challenge to create a shoping cart with the exact amount of €10,000 of products in a 24 hour period.  In order to maximize participation, customer service was made available round the clock to help anyone with questions about the contest or products. 

The target audience was asked to register for the contest beforehand and received reminders with a countdown clock leading up to the contest day. 

A short, online quiz was launched to determine the plans of 2017 and style preferences of the audience. Results were shared via email to customers and the information was used to populate customer profiles. 

All entrants were notified of the winner via email and received a 15% off coupon for participating.  Automated reminders were triggered to any customer that hadn’t used the code after a period of time.  


Gamifying the experience for customers proved to be a fun and engaging way for vtwonen to achieve its campaign goals.  

And the strategy paid off, as vtwonen grew its database, enriched profiles and learned a lot about customer insights and behavior.  


The campaign helped grow vtwonen’s database by 8,500 complete new customers—a large number of acquisitons for a single campaign.   

Alongside impressive database growth figures, the campaign garnered 9,000 profile updates about future plans in addition to key insights in behavior and a boost in revenue.

Case Passport

  • Industry: Media/Publishing
  • Services: Magazine
  • Country: The Netherlands
  • Agency: Ematters

Key Insights

  • Database growth of 8.500 new customers
  • The campaign garnered 9.000 profile updates
  • Boost in revenue