Purpose of this contest

The Selligent Awards, organized by Selligent S.A., are designed to reward a project based on creative and efficient use of Selligent's interactive marketing solutions.

The Selligent Awards are subject to the present rules. By taking part in the Selligent Awards, the contestant accepts these rules unconditionally.

Participation conditions

The Selligent Awards are open to all Selligent customers & partners that use the Selligent interactive marketing solutions for projects, regardless of their geographic location, with the exception of those geographic locations where (the rules of) this contest would be against the law.

The Partner can only submit customer projects that have in effect been implemented. Any partner can submit an unlimited number of projects.

Selligent assumes that the partner who submits the project has received the approval of the customer's management to do so. If this is not the case and if the management of the customer does not wish to take part in the awards ceremony, the nominated project will be forfeited.

Participation in this contest is free of charge.

Contestants may submit their applications via the application form available on the platform. The application comprises of a text-based project description (context, challenge, approach, results), as well as a presentation and/or video illustrating the project. All these elements are summarized in a document sent to each participating contestant.

Application selection criteria

The applications selected will be those that feature the finest achievements and that stand out as examples of best practice in direct and interactive marketing. The selection criteria used will be originality, creativity and the internal and/or external impact of the project. The communication effort around the project will also be assessed.

The running of the contest

The short-listed contestants (nominees) will be contacted and interviewed by Selligent and undertake to provide any visual materials required to produce a 3-minute project presentation video in English. Video production costs will be at Selligent's expense.

The script of the video will be submitted to the nominee for approval.

The video will be published on the platform on May 9th, 2016 to enable the public to vote (Best Campaign of the Year – Public Award). The video produced remains Selligent's property. Voting will start on May 9th, 2016 and end on May 17, 2016 at 18:00 CET.

Awards ceremony

Four trophies will be awarded during the River Summit 2016 on May 19th, during a ceremony starting at 20:00 CET:


In case of a draw between two nominees in any of these categories, both nominees will receive the award.

Award winners will receive a trophy and will benefit from visibility on Selligent's website and on the platform.

The awards will be presented on May 19th, 2016 in a ceremony bringing together all nominees, the international network of Selligent partners and agencies, the committee of experts, guests of honor and Selligent's international teams. Selligent and the jury reserve the right to withdraw the award from a nominee who does not attend the awards ceremony.

Makeup of the jury

The list of jury members can be found on the site

Commitment from Selligent

Selligent undertakes to deploy a communication plan to promote the Selligent Awards, voting platform and the nominees’ videos by carrying out a variety of actions, including but not limited to:

  • An email campaign with reminders
  • Selligent contacts
  • Social media
  • Press Releases
  • Banner advertising
  • Online media channels


Commitment from contestants

Contestants undertake to respond in due time to any solicitations from Selligent and to provide all the text-based and visual elements required to produce the video and for smooth running of the contest (including the information required to enable the jury to come to its decision). All material provided by contestants will not be returned by Selligent and becomes Selligent's property.

Contestants guarantee that no material element provided interferes with the rights of any third party whatsoever; and/or that no element is in breach of any legislation; and that Selligent can make full use of the material provided in accordance with the provisions of these rules in full knowledge of the preceding indications.

Those contestants whose applications are short-listed (nominees) hereby grant Selligent (including its assigns and/or those acting on its behalf) formally, free of charge and in advance the right:
(i) to publish the video produced for the purpose of the contest on Selligent's sites, platforms and promotional media;
(ii) to reproduce and use in any written, spoken or filmed form, their company name, logo and the video produced for any advertising or promotional purposes for Selligent, its products and the Selligent Awards;
(iii) to film them or photograph them when producing the video or during the Selligent Awards ceremony and to use the material in line with the present rules. As such, the contestants will obtain the necessary authorization from their representatives who will attend the jury submission and the awards ceremony.
(iv) to indefinitely broadcast or have broadcast any recordings, parts or fragments that Selligent so selects as many times as it wishes and in any form.

These authorizations and rights granted are definitive, irrevocable, worldwide and unlimited in time. If needed, the contestants will sign any necessary documentation that may be required for Selligent to make use of the rights and authorizations granted.

Selligent will not be responsible for any unauthorized use by visitors or viewers of the platforms where the aforementioned content is available. Nominees undertake to present their project to the expert committee on the date set down in these rules.

Public Award voting procedures

Voting takes place on the platform by means of:

  • an email address: a check will be performed by means of a confirmation email. To validate the vote, the user must click on the confirmation link they receive by e-mail.

To obtain as many votes as possible, each nominee is invited to promote his video by any means he wishes: in-house staff, social networks, web sites, etc.

Changes to the rules/Cancellation/Exclusion

Selligent reserves the right to modify these rules at any time and without having to justify these modifications. Any modification or addition to these rules will take effect immediately.

In the event of circumstances outside its control or for any other reason, Selligent reserves the right to cancel the Selligent Awards. In this event, Selligent will inform participants as soon as possible.

In the event of abuse, deceit or fraud, Selligent formally reserves the right to purely and simply exclude the contestant concerned from participating in the Selligent Awards and/or any other Selligent contests.

Acceptance of the rules

By submitting an application contestants are deemed to accept these rules.

Any situations not provided for in these rules will be decided by Selligent and this decision shall be final. In general, all Selligent decisions are without recourse.

Selligent also reserves the right to investigate any complaints and to objectively resolve any disputes that may arise out of this contest

Personal data

The personal data collected by Selligent in the framework of this contest will be the subject of IT processing and are subject to application of the legislation on protection of privacy. These data will be contained in a file that can be shared with Selligent partners and/or used internally and/or used for commercial purposes. By virtue of this legislation, contestants have a right to access and rectify the personal data concerning them, by writing to Selligent SA, Avenue de Finlande 2, Bâtiment B, 1420 Braine-l’Alleud, Belgium, addressed to Manu De Ros, or by sending an email to Each contestant may also oppose the processing of data concerning them on condition the grounds are legitimate.


Selligent declines any liability for any incidents or accidents that a contestant (including its representatives and external service providers) may suffer during its participation in the Selligent Awards. Selligent may not be held liable if the contest is postponed, shortened or canceled if the circumstances so require, or if this occurs in compliance with the rules. In no way may any typing, printing or page layout errors or other similar errors be construed as forming an obligation that may be binding on Selligent in any way.

Request for information

The Selligent Awards are organized by Selligent S.A., having its headquarters at Avenue de Finlande 2, Bâtiment B, 1420 Braine-l’Alleud, Belgium. Any information may be obtained by email from Manu De Ros (manu.deros[at] or be downloaded from the site

Applicable law

The Selligent Awards shall be governed by and construed under the laws of Belgium, without reference to its conflicts of law principles. In case of a dispute, Belgian law, rules and regulations shall apply and only the Judicial Arrondissement of Nivelles shall be competent.