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Albert Heijn, with agency Yourzine, an Adeptive agency

Albert Heijn, the leading supermarket chain in the Netherlands, worked with its agency Yourzine (an Adeptiv agency) to develop an email campaign where loyal customers received a weekly e-mail with a personalized Advent calendar. Personal offers were automatically added to their loyalty card, making it seamless for customers to redeem offers and deals. Selligent powered nearly one million emails and thousands of landing pages – all with personalized content realized within a short timeframe.

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Hunkemöller, with marketing agency Clever Strategy

Europe’s fastest growing lingerie brand, Hunkemöller, was recognized for a highly successful loyalty program campaign. With the help of marketing agency Clever Strategy, Hunkemöller ran a campaign to encourage its loyal members to use their outstanding shop credit and visit the store. The members were proactively reminded of their outstanding credit via personalized email communications tailored to each customer’s credit standing. The campaign led to a 33% increase in conversions in the Netherlands and a 41% increase in revenue.

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KPN, with agency Yourzine, an Adeptive agency

KPN, a leading Dutch telecom and internet provider, was recognized for a campaign aimed at minimizing customer churn, winning them the Omnichannel Customer Experience award two years running. Together with marketing partner Yourzine (an Adeptiv agency), KPN developed a prediction model based on industry and company data to improve customer satisfaction and reduce churn. They developed risk profiles that help predict customers who were dissatisfied with their current Wi-Fi service and approached them proactively with a relevant KPN tool that significantly improved the Wi-Fi in the entire home. The approach reduced customer churn by half and increased customer satisfaction score by 33%.

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Maxeda DIY – Brico, with agency Rise + Shine

Maxeda DIY’s brand Brico was recognized for its consumer-first approach. With the help of agency Rise + Shine, Brico developed a campaign to encourage in-store customer newsletter sign-ups, coupled with ongoing digital communications, via a profile built by customers at home. As a result, Brico's omnichannel content and experience was seamless, offering relevant and timely content throughout the customer journey. The campaign achieved a 400% increase in in-store registrations, a 98,000 increase in at-home profiles, and grew email open rates by three times..

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JBC, with agency Dignify

Fashion retailer JBC took the award for Excellence in Artificial Intelligence for a data-driven campaign focused on improving the overall customer experience. Together with marketing agency Dignify, JBC offered consumers automated yet personalized messages to inform them of company news, deals, events and upcoming offers. As a result, JBC saw significant uplift in conversion customers who received and viewed the newsletter.