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Consumer-First Marketing

Vacature, with agency Rise + Shine

Vacature, an employment website, provides an interconnected, data-driven customer experience entirely focused on the needs of the latent and/or current job-seeker. Uniquely, Vacature’s customer experience adjusts based on the customer’s answer to a simple question, and follows the customer across channels, including web, social, and email. Vacature’s consumer-first marketing program resulted in a 52% increase in views and a 55% increase in click-throughs in owned media.

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Marketing Innovation

Opel, with agency Ematters

Automobile manufacturer Opel and their Dutch subsidiary aimed to create a highly dynamic lifecycle campaign, designed to nurture leads and drive car purchases. By utilizing Selligent Marketing Cloud to continuously feed behavioral data from the website and from marketing emails to populate rich customer profiles, Opel was able to automate smarter, and more efficient consumer journeys. The program achieved extraordinary results - a 500% increase in click-through rate (CTR), a 473% increase in identified customer/visitor profiles, and 16% attribution of all Opel cars sold in the Netherlands. Opel was also able to determine valuable information such as the known car models of interest for 20% of all active opt-ins, and their estimated purchase dates.

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Omnichannel Excellence (two winners)

Sligro, with agency DHVVP

Dutch food wholesaler Sligro looked to Selligent Marketing Cloud to automate event registrations, communications, back-office event management, integrate mobile users, QR codes, badge printing, and invoicing in their marketing campaign. Through Selligent Marketing Cloud’s platform, they sold 500 training events via automated communications, and most impressively - decreased their back office management workload by 80%.

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KPN, with agency Adeptiv

Dutch telecommunications and television services KPN utilized Selligent Marketing Cloud to deliver an end-of-year gift campaign of various movies and books. The annual loyalty program called for multichannel touches over email, SMS, direct mail, in-store signage, television, and the KPN website - and required a complex mix of smartly designed omnichannel marketing strategies. Compared to the prior year, the end-of-year campaign resulted in a 79% increase in free movie views, and a 132% higher conversion rate on e-book downloads. Compared to 2016, KPN’s emails enjoyed 26% higher open rates and 161% higher click to open rates.

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