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ifolor, with agency Mayoris

ifolor, an international online service provider for personalized photo products, needed to build a marketing platform that could grow their omnichannel marketing programs, respond to evolving customer needs, and execute automatic customer retention strategies. To accomplish this, the Swiss company pivoted to create a strong, omnichannel marketing program with an emphasis on smart data capture, to get a clearer picture of what motivates their lapsed consumers. Selligent worked closely with ifolor’s agency, Mayoris, to re-activate dormant customers with a cross-channel, data-driven email and direct mail campaign that delivered exceptional results including: 9.8% conversion rate from printed postcard mailings; 14% higher average basket size; and net revenue shares of 13% after 1st email, 43% after 2nd, and 44% after 3rd. The campaign also collected a tremendous amount of insights into customer preferences.

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CHIP, with agency Burda Direct

CHIP is one of the leading IT magazines in Germany. For years, the monthly print magazine has been sent with two DVDs containing valuable software/content. CHIP wanted to significantly improve its environmental footprint by eliminating the production of these physical DVDs and switching to digital content. Along with its partner, Burda Direct, CHIP used Selligent to run a campaign to turn store buyers into known contacts that could subscribe to a digital version of the magazine. Results included: a dramatic increase in registered users on the e-paper platform (subscription) by more than 200%; more than 2,500 registered users on the DVD platform (booklet buyers), which corresponds to approximately 14% of the store buyers; the cessation of DVD production which significantly improved CHIP's environmental footprint; and issue buyers can now be identified and converted into subscriptions with appropriate promotions on the Thank You pages and mailings.

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Avira, a leading computer security software company, had several business goals to achieve when creating lifecycle campaigns. In addition to needing to be able to facilitate forecasting with a regular email lifecycle, they needed to offer customers the right discount at the right time to increase conversion rate and customer lifetime value. Avira also wanted to automize their email campaigns to reach specific audiences with the best-performing offer. Four weeks after going live with its campaign, Avira recognized stable daily revenue as a result of triggered journeys created in Selligent with emails sent daily. By sending emails along the user stage, Avira increased the overall conversion rate by 33% and the click-to-open rate by 18% compared with blast campaigns in the past.