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Consumer-First Marketing

Tape à l’oeil

French children’s clothing brand Tape à l’oeil wanted to personalize its mobile experience in a move to a mobile-first strategy. A key goal was to attract consumers to download the Tape à l’oeil app, turn them into known users and continue ongoing engagement. Working with Selligent Marketing Cloud, they fully automated their mobile customer journey, touching on key lifecycle messages for customers, including support for multilingual push notifications. The mobile campaign saw dramatic results, with the “Welcome” push notification increasing logged customers by more than 10% in one year. In addition, they gained 73% more engagement on loyalty coupons when customers receive a push notification, and 71% (+10 points) order pick-up when push is used as a reminder.

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Marketing Innovation (two winners)


Leading French real estate and shopping center developer Mercialys sought efficient email personalization at scale across its distributed team. Through Selligent, the firm was able to provide individual managers with the ability to add relevant, property-specific content in emails and SMS – including news articles, app promotions, and discounts available at their local malls. The new approach resulted in increased view rates from 10% to 40%, and gave 100% autonomy to the mall managers to communicate to clients, keeping consistency in tone of voice and brand image. Importantly, mall managers were set to gain 640 hours per year in productivity given the reduction of time needed to spend on sending customer communications.

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A leader in outdoor accommodations, Vacanceselect has a focus on customer experience and sought centralize communications to enhance the camping experience beyond guests’ actual stay. The digital campaign with Selligent communicated new amenities and property improvements to customers, attained upsells on campsites and in five weeks, implemented and consolidated several databases across Europe to have a central view of its customers. The result: up to 20% increase in direct income, increased web site visits by more than 8%, and conversions of more than 10%.

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Omnichannel Excellence: MAE


France’s leading school insurance provider MAE developed a cross-channel campaign to remind clients of renewals. Their goal was to replace their slow, manual process by centralizing the entire customer journey and providing a full 360-degree management of customers. Through Selligent, MAE’s marketing team gained full access to their client’s information, was able to personalize messaging and control audience segments. The team is now able to monitor the entire journey in real-time and conduct A/B tests for continuous improvements. Through this A/B testing, their September email achieved a 5-point increase on Open Rate.