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Consumer-First Marketing

Italian luxury retailer,, wanted to create early engagement to drive customers toward their first purchase. Through the creation of customized segments and content, combined with behavioral information such as browse, cart abandon and purchase data, the campaign resulted in a 7% increase in total orders. In addition, saw a 30% increase in acquisition from website visitors, and over 30% open rates for emails.

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AW lab

Marketing Innovation

AW Lab

Based in Italy, growing casualwear brand AW Lab is a global reference retailer for “urban sport style.” The company was looking for ways to better engage with customers and developed a social media campaign with a major shoe brand. A landing page linked from Instagram was powered by a Selligent-hosted lead capture form inviting followers to enter for a chance to attend a concert sponsored by AW Lab and their shoe brand partner. Personalized emails were sent as a follow-up to winners and non-winners. The result was a staggering 93% view rate for winners, with a click-through rate (CTR) of 84% and click-to-open (CTO) rate of 90%.

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Omnichannel Excellence

UCI Cinemas, with agency partner E-one

Global movie theater brand, UCI Cinemas, created a program to promote an upcoming Star Wars film release. The campaign showcased true omnichannel excellence, encompassing email, website, mobile and social components. Segmented emails were sent to both purchasers and non-purchasers, with promo codes for special prizes, including a free trip to San Francisco. Personalized website banners were developed using Selligent Site, in addition to mobile push notifications and tailored ads using Facebook Custom Audience. Thanks to the creation of dedicated customer journeys that integrated digital channels, the campaign resulted in a 4% increase in new customers with 42% signing up for UCI Cinemas’ loyalty program.