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Consumer-First Marketing

Camper, with agency BeRepublic

To drive more revenue during the limited sales season, Spanish footwear company, Camper, implemented a test campaign to show personalized product recommendations in emails and compared that with a control group that did not have personalization. Camper used web browse data to customize product offers via email. The conversions on the personalized offers were 4.5%, which was more than one point higher than the control group, with click-through rates at an impressive 58%.

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Marketing Innovation (two winners)

ABA English

Founded in Barcelona, educational technology startup, ABA English, wanted to create more engagement for its mobile-first customers. The company used Selligent’s SDK in its mobile app for push-notifications and in-app messages. The team constructed different flows based on more than 50 events implemented on the platform. Because communications were streamlined, with customers receiving messages only via their preferred channel, ABA English saw 55% growth in engagement during a customer’s first seven days after registration and a 12% growth in in-app purchase ratio.

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Grupo Planeta

Madrid-based media group, Grupo Planeta, aimed to optimize the content served to users. Using profile pages hosted by Selligent, Grupo Planeta was able to track customer’s website click behaviors, creating a more customer-centric email program from the data gathered, which included welcome and re-engagement campaigns. The campaign resulted in increased open rates from 18% to 50%, and click-through rates increasing 4x at 12%.

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Omnichannel Excellence

Obra Social "la Caixa" with agency BeRepublic

Obra Social "la Caixa" is the set of social actions carried out by la Caixa, a Spanish banking foundation. With the EU’s GDPR data privacy regulations taking effect in May 2018, la Caixa looked to carry out an engaging program to reactivate customers. The campaign resulted in more than 6% of customers consenting to receiving promotions, an impressive 2-3 times better than industry average, in addition to 63% conversion in the la Caixa’s consent form once visitors visit the page.