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Consumer-First Marketing (two winners)

Odeon, with agency Yellow Velo

Cinema brand name Odeon was looking to innovate on highly interactive email campaigns for blockbuster film releases - promoting rich content to drive ticket sales. Interactive features included live polls within emails, “tap to reveal” features, and graphics motion. The results Odeon achieved using the Selligent Marketing Cloud platform were staggering this year, with up to 300 percent revenue lift, up to 10% lift in click-to-open, and a market share increase of up to 4%.

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Hearst, with agency Acxiom

One of the world’s largest magazine media companies, Hearst, developed a summer sale campaign to drive subscriptions during the typically slower, summer months. By adopting highly consumer-first marketing strategies, the summer sale campaign is designed to appeal to the consumer via highly personalized content with over 250 content options. The campaign drove a significant lift in subscriptions - enjoying a whopping 371% increase in acquisitions year-on-year, click rates up 3.07% year-on-year, and a conversion rate from clicks up to 3.19%.

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Marketing Innovation (two winners)


Online car marketplace Autotrader aimed to drum up excitement in the UK during the 2018 World Cup using Selligent Marketing Cloud. They developed a social campaign, giving away one free car for each goal scored by England. Consumers were asked to use the hashtag #AutoTraderGoals on social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram after each goal scored, and marketers delivered tailored segmented email and website experiences to drive participation even further. The campaign resulted in a dramatic increase in website sessions, as well as drove conversions rates for car sales during the 2018 World Cup season.

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Genealogy website FindMyPast wanted to re-engage lapsed subscribers through dynamic emails generated by Selligent Marketing Cloud. The campaign included personalized dynamic title and hero images, intelligently segmented upgrade/upsell messages, and dynamic hint data that displayed potential ancestors, as well as call-to-actions to manage and review hints. By utilizing Selligent Marketing Cloud, FindMyPast succeeded in increasing the number of free trials by 100% in key audience segments, and in engaging lapsed subscribers with an 18% higher click-through rate.

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Omnichannel Excellence (two winners)

BT, with agency Acxiom

British multinational telecom company BT looked to improve communications by developing efficient, and personalized email campaigns. Through Selligent Marketing Cloud, they succeeded in creating automated journies featuring dynamic content, product information, and implementing email action containers to drive an industry-leading 60% email open rate, with an email click-to-open rate of 20%

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Dennis Publishing

Independent UK publisher, Dennis Publishing, wanted to create a highly segmented nurture email series to deliver editorial content based on the optimal frequency and triggered by a consumer’s web site behavior. Through Selligent reporting, they tracked various body text lengths and tones, and segmented and targeted new contact using behavioral data and demographics (job, location, industry). The campaign resulted in extending the average lifetime value of their customers by two months, including a 10% increase in email open and click rates across various brands.