As one of America’s largest insurance companies, Allstate is dedicated to ensuring the safety and security of everything from homes to cars, and much more. Headquartered in Illinois, Allstate operates 18 companies around the United States, Canada, and India.



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Since loyalty program participation is a strong predictor of a customer’s higher lifetime value, Allstate partnered with Deluxe and Selligent to promote registrations and boost program engagement and retention.


Allstate knew that once a customer joins the program, they’re more likely to stay with the company. To motivate people to join, Allstate previously relied on an email campaign called Drive-to-Register. Registrations were strong initially, but after six months, they started to decline. After a comprehensive data audit, Deluxe, an Allstate marketing partner, found out that the initial Drive-to-Register email was the culprit.

To revitalize the program and boost response rates, Allstate and Deluxe knew that they needed to better personalize their communications. Considering the brand’s large user base (Allstate is the second-largest personal lines insurer in the United States), they had to build out their personalization strategy at scale.

Campaign Features

Deluxe helped Allstate revamp the program using Selligent’s omnichannel relationship marketing platform to analyze and segment customers into audiences based on their interests and engagement history. With Selligent’s campaign management and dynamic content capabilities, Allstate was able to deliver content highly targeted to customer preferences. The campaign was further optimized through the use of Selligent’s testing suite for creative and subject line testing. Today the program consists of nine waves deployed monthly with over 20 different versions supporting seven unique customer segments.


Seven months after launch, the new program far exceeded the initial performance goals. Allstate is now expanding their strategy to other communications, using advanced targeting to cross-sell other products and increase the value of each registered member.


Nearly 400,000 members have been registered in Allstate Rewards, which is 41% of the previously unregistered base. The campaign drove 52% more registrations per month compared to the old program, and its click-to-open rate increased by 54%.

Allstate captures 452% more registrations and 93% higher conversion rates on days when emails are sent vs. non-send days.

Case Passport

  • Industry: Financial Services
  • Services: Insurance
  • Country: US
  • Agency: Deluxe Corporation

Key Insights

  • 400,000 new registrations
  • 52% increase in click-to-open rate
  • 52% more monthly registrations compared to the old program
  • 452% more registrations and 93% higher conversion rate on email send days