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Consumer-First Marketing

Vacature, with agency Rise + Shine

Vacature, an employment website, provides an interconnected, data-driven customer experience entirely focused on the needs of the latent and/or current job-seeker. Uniquely, Vacature’s customer experience adjusts based on the customer’s answer to a simple question, and follows the customer across channels, including web, social, and email. Vacature’s consumer-first marketing program resulted in a 52% increase in views and a 55% increase in click-throughs in owned media.

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Marketing Innovation

Opel, with agency Ematters

Automobile manufacturer Opel and their Dutch subsidiary aimed to create a highly dynamic lifecycle campaign, designed to nurture leads and drive car purchases. By utilizing Selligent Marketing Cloud to continuously feed behavioral data from the website and from marketing emails to populate rich customer profiles, Opel was able to automate smarter, and more efficient consumer journeys. The program achieved extraordinary results - a 500% increase in click-through rate (CTR), a 473% increase in identified customer/visitor profiles, and 16% attribution of all Opel cars sold in the Netherlands. Opel was also able to determine valuable information such as the known car models of interest for 20% of all active opt-ins, and their estimated purchase dates.

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Omnichannel Excellence (two winners)

Sligro, with agency DHVVP

Dutch food wholesaler Sligro looked to Selligent Marketing Cloud to automate event registrations, communications, back-office event management, integrate mobile users, QR codes, badge printing, and invoicing in their marketing campaign. Through Selligent Marketing Cloud’s platform, they sold 500 training events via automated communications, and most impressively - decreased their back office management workload by 80%.

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KPN, with agency Adeptiv

Dutch telecommunications and television services KPN utilized Selligent Marketing Cloud to deliver an end-of-year gift campaign of various movies and books. The annual loyalty program called for multichannel touches over email, SMS, direct mail, in-store signage, television, and the KPN website - and required a complex mix of smartly designed omnichannel marketing strategies. Compared to the prior year, the end-of-year campaign resulted in a 79% increase in free movie views, and a 132% higher conversion rate on e-book downloads. Compared to 2016, KPN’s emails enjoyed 26% higher open rates and 161% higher click to open rates.

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Consumer-First Marketing (two winners)

Odeon, with agency Adeptiv

Cinema brand name Odeon was looking to innovate on highly interactive email campaigns for blockbuster film releases - promoting rich content to drive ticket sales. Interactive features included live polls within emails, “tap to reveal” features, and graphics motion. The results Odeon achieved using the Selligent Marketing Cloud platform were staggering this year, with up to 300 percent revenue lift, up to 10% lift in click-to-open, and a market share increase of up to 4%.

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Hearst, with agency Acxiom

One of the world’s largest magazine media companies, Hearst, developed a summer sale campaign to drive subscriptions during the typically slower, summer months. By adopting highly consumer-first marketing strategies, the summer sale campaign is designed to appeal to the consumer via highly personalized content with over 250 content options. The campaign drove a significant lift in subscriptions - enjoying a whopping 371% increase in acquisitions year-on-year, click rates up 3.07% year-on-year, and a conversion rate from clicks up to 3.19%.

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Marketing Innovation (two winners)


Online car marketplace Autotrader aimed to drum up excitement in the UK during the 2018 World Cup using Selligent Marketing Cloud. They developed a social campaign, giving away one free car for each goal scored by England. Consumers were asked to use the hashtag #AutoTraderGoals on social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram after each goal scored, and marketers delivered tailored segmented email and website experiences to drive participation even further. The campaign resulted in a dramatic increase in website sessions, as well as drove conversions rates for car sales during the 2018 World Cup season.

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Genealogy website FindMyPast wanted to re-engage lapsed subscribers through dynamic emails generated by Selligent Marketing Cloud. The campaign included personalized dynamic title and hero images, intelligently segmented upgrade/upsell messages, and dynamic hint data that displayed potential ancestors, as well as call-to-actions to manage and review hints. By utilizing Selligent Marketing Cloud, FindMyPast succeeded in increasing the number of free trials by 100% in key audience segments, and in engaging lapsed subscribers with an 18% higher click-through rate.

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Omnichannel Excellence (two winners)

BT, with agency Acxiom

British multinational telecom company BT looked to improve communications by developing efficient, and personalized email campaigns. Through Selligent Marketing Cloud, they succeeded in creating automated journies featuring dynamic content, product information, and implementing email action containers to drive an industry-leading 60% email open rate, with an email click-to-open rate of 20%

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Dennis Publishing

Independent UK publisher, Dennis Publishing, wanted to create a highly segmented nurture email series to deliver editorial content based on the optimal frequency and triggered by a consumer’s web site behavior. Through Selligent reporting, they tracked various body text lengths and tones, and segmented and targeted new contact using behavioral data and demographics (job, location, industry). The campaign resulted in extending the average lifetime value of their customers by two months, including a 10% increase in email open and click rates across various brands.

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Consumer-First Marketing

Tape à l’oeil

French children’s clothing brand Tape à l’oeil wanted to personalize its mobile experience in a move to a mobile-first strategy. A key goal was to attract consumers to download the Tape à l’oeil app, turn them into known users and continue ongoing engagement. Working with Selligent Marketing Cloud, they fully automated their mobile customer journey, touching on key lifecycle messages for customers, including support for multilingual push notifications. The mobile campaign saw dramatic results, with the “Welcome” push notification increasing logged customers by more than 10% in one year. In addition, they gained 73% more engagement on loyalty coupons when customers receive a push notification, and 71% (+10 points) order pick-up when push is used as a reminder.

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Marketing Innovation (two winners)


Leading French real estate and shopping center developer Mercialys sought efficient email personalization at scale across its distributed team. Through Selligent, the firm was able to provide individual managers with the ability to add relevant, property-specific content in emails and SMS – including news articles, app promotions, and discounts available at their local malls. The new approach resulted in increased view rates from 10% to 40%, and gave 100% autonomy to the mall managers to communicate to clients, keeping consistency in tone of voice and brand image. Importantly, mall managers were set to gain 640 hours per year in productivity given the reduction of time needed to spend on sending customer communications.

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A leader in outdoor accommodations, Vacalians has a focus on customer experience and sought centralize communications to enhance the camping experience beyond guests’ actual stay. The digital campaign with Selligent communicated new amenities and property improvements to customers, attained upsells on campsites and in five weeks, implemented and consolidated several databases across Europe to have a central view of its customers. The result: up to 20% increase in direct income, increased web site visits by more than 8%, and conversions of more than 10%.

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Omnichannel Excellence: MAE


France’s leading school insurance provider MAE developed a cross-channel campaign to remind clients of renewals. Their goal was to replace their slow, manual process by centralizing the entire customer journey and providing a full 360-degree management of customers. Through Selligent, MAE’s marketing team gained full access to their client’s information, was able to personalize messaging and control audience segments. The team is now able to monitor the entire journey in real-time and conduct A/B tests for continuous improvements. Through this A/B testing, their September email achieved a 5-point increase on Open Rate.

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Consumer-First Marketing

Italian luxury retailer,, wanted to create early engagement to drive customers toward their first purchase. Through the creation of customized segments and content, combined with behavioral information such as browse, cart abandon and purchase data, the campaign resulted in a 7% increase in total orders. In addition, saw a 30% increase in acquisition from website visitors, and over 30% open rates for emails.

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Marketing Innovation

AW Lab

Based in Italy, growing casualwear brand AW Lab is a global reference retailer for “urban sport style.” The company was looking for ways to better engage with customers and developed a social media campaign with a major shoe brand. A landing page linked from Instagram was powered by a Selligent-hosted lead capture form inviting followers to enter for a chance to attend a concert sponsored by AW Lab and their shoe brand partner. Personalized emails were sent as a follow-up to winners and non-winners. The result was a staggering 93% view rate for winners, with a click-through rate (CTR) of 84% and click-to-open (CTO) rate of 90%.

AW lab

Omnichannel Excellence

UCI Cinemas, with agency partner E-one

Global movie theater brand, UCI Cinemas, created a program to promote an upcoming Star Wars film release. The campaign showcased true omnichannel excellence, encompassing email, website, mobile and social components. Segmented emails were sent to both purchasers and non-purchasers, with promo codes for special prizes, including a free trip to San Francisco. Personalized website banners were developed using Selligent Site, in addition to mobile push notifications and tailored ads using Facebook Custom Audience. Thanks to the creation of dedicated customer journeys that integrated digital channels, the campaign resulted in a 4% increase in new customers with 42% signing up for UCI Cinemas’ loyalty program.

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