Best Behavioral Personalization

Online home improvement retailer sought to minimize the rate of abandoned carts across seven of its ecommerce sites through email journeys that dynamically update based on the refreshed data at each touch point. The company dramatically increased response rate through a series of follow-up touchpoints, ultimately driving conversions, growth and average order value.

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logo Inman

Best Deliverability

Inman News

Leading real estate news publisher Inman News was challenged with increasing deliverability while retaining engagement and keeping its 400,000 daily contacts engaged. Through thoughtful data analytics using Selligent Marketing Cloud, the publisher was able to qualify its subscriber list and increase consistent deliverability to more than 98 percent.

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logo vitacost

Best Innovation

Vitacost/Kroger Digital

Leading retailer Vitacost (Kroger Digital) developed a “Mystery Sale” campaign to drive engagement and revenue with a kinetic email targeted at six primary customer segments through special loyalty offerings. The digital campaign reduced customer friction by incorporating interactive elements, including a button that revealed the offer within the email without users having to go to a landing page.

logo Alliant Credit Union

Best Marketing Automation

Alliant Credit Union

Leading digital banking institution Alliant Credit Union set aggressive goals on the use of its home equity line of credit (HELOC) products. Through customer engagement data analysis, the credit union launched content-driven campaigns to activate its customer base that lack knowledge of how to use their loans. Alliant Credit Union was also recognized for digitizing its new customer onboarding system, using a four-part email campaign with content designed to engage and educate new customers.

logo Deluxe Rewards

Best Segmentation

Deluxe Rewards

Custom loyalty program company Deluxe Rewards launched a new segmentation strategy designed to increase customer engagement and education for Allstate Rewards loyalty members. By dissecting its customer segmentation data, Deluxe Rewards developed different segmentation approaches to target new customers as well as existing members. Results of the new approach exceeded goals with 93 percent of new members moving to the highly-engaged segment within the first three months.

logo The Motley Fool

Client Loyalty Award

The Motley Fool

A client since 2006, online financial analysis service The Motley Fool was instrumental in driving Selligent Marketing Cloud’s innovation by working in partnership to identify real market needs and challenges. A beacon of pioneering digital business and innovation, The Motley Fool continues to drive meaningful conversations and the development of relevant and forward-thinking digital marketing technology.

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logo Sunwing

North American Client Advocate of the Year

Yen Neary, Sunwing

Sunwing Travel Group is the largest vertically-integrated travel company in North America. Their marketing automation and email manager, Yen Neary, is recognized for her ability to leverage the best of Selligent Marketing Cloud’s tools as a new client. Yen has quickly improved Sunwing’s digital marketing efforts through a clear, strategic approach to data, automation, and omnichannel execution for some of Sunwing’s most successful digital campaigns.

logo Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants

Top Record Breaker

Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants

Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants wanted to increase loyalty membership ahead of its annual loyalty member sale by using segmentation and customer profile data to identify customers who would best benefit from sale and reward campaigns. The data-driven, targeted segmentation approach drove bookings by 19X and reactivated more than a third of the hotel’s inactive members segment.

“It’s truly an honor to count so many world-class brands and top-notch marketers as clients and recognize them for their innovative approaches to digital marketing,” said John Hernandez, CEO of Selligent Marketing Cloud. “Being the technology that powers these impressive campaigns is what continues to inspire us to deliver best-in-class martech tools that drive education, engagement, and powerful customer experiences across all channels. Heartfelt congratulations to all winners -- we are thrilled to be your technology partner.”